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Candy Filled, Pumpkin Cauldron

We’re t-minus less than one week out from Halloween!!! Still not feeling quite up to snuff with your decorations this year?! Here’s an easy way to re-vamp your pumpkin décor with a cute, DIY Pumpkin Cauldron Candy Jar!!

 DIY Pumpkin Candy Witch CauldronBrit, Team Ambrosia

The countdown is officially ON, & I couldn’t be more excited!!! I love seeing the neighbourhood lined with decorations upon decorations of a spooky, grotesque nature… but today, I decided to go the more cute, DIY route with this pumpkin candy jar… not TOO cute though, seeing as it’s a sizzling witch caldron… it IS still Halloween after all!

Fill this Pumpkin Cauldron Candy Jar with all of your treats for the kiddos on Hallows Eve for a brand new take on the standard candy jar!


Here’s What You’ll Need

  • Pumpkin pie pumpkin – on sale for $1.11/lb at Ambrosia
  • Surf Sweets Candies – on sale for $2.66/ea at Ambrosia *** These candies are made with organic fruit juices, fortified with your daily dose of vitamin C & FREE of corn syrup, artificial colours & the top ten allergens! Halloween can still be scary… sans the “scary” ingredients in your candies!!!
  • Red and orange construction paper – to make flames
  • Eco-friendly black paint
  • Pumpkin carving tools
  • Cloth – preferably black


  1. Cut off the top of the pie pumpkin with a carving tool
  2. Paint the entire pumpkin black using eco-friendly black paint
  3. Allow paint to dry
  4. Cut out flame shaped red & yellow construction paper
  5. Glue this to the bottom of your pumpkin cauldron, so that the flames looks as though they’re rising
  6. Insert a cloth (preferably black) inside the pumpkin
  7. Place candy on the cloth!
  8. Voila!

Will you be trying this out on Halloween


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