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Canadian, Eh?! The Most Patriotic Foods Here at Ambrosia

Canadians near & far are gearing up for the first, official long-weekend of the summer… Canada Day Long Weekend! So in true Patriotic fashion, we wanted to list off some of the most quintessionally, Canadian food that we could think of from Ambrosia!

Standard Canadian Fare; “Ambrosia Style” – Brit, Team Ambrosia

We’re t-minus TWO days out from Canada Day, and I can already hear the sounds of firecrackers & EDM vibrating through the city. Welcome summer!

Celebrate Canada Day this weekend with what I can only assume all of us tried-and-true Canadians love to do… EAT… healthy of course!! Below are some of the most Canadian [& natural] foods out there… trust me, I’ve done my research!

  1. S’mores Kit – Simply Sweet Baking Co.


What’s more Canadian than roasting s’mores on an open campfire?! I’m going to wager not much. Simply Sweet’s S’mores Kits are gluten, dairy AND peanut free. Not to mention, the included 8 marshmallows are also free from GMO’s… which is pretty hard to come by in terms of marshmallow standards!

This kit simply couldn’t be more perfect for the approaching long weekend. Oh wait, it most definitely can get more perfect because it’s also on SALE for $11.11!


  1. Maple Syrup



With its newfound promotion to “Super Food Status”, maple syrup is at the very tip top of our list in terms of “all things Canadian” and “all things healthy”.  Surprisingly rich in antioxidants, maple syrup is actually highly touted as a ‘one-stop shop” for beneficial compounds… who knew?!

Hot Tip: When baking, try swapping out conventional sweeteners and sugars for all-natural maple syrup!!

  1. Bacon

 Breakfast or brunch with cup of fresh coffee, ham and eggs, Greek yogurt, cereals, croissants and colorful fruits served on red-white tablecloth

 Bacon. Canadians LOVE bacon… & for good reason, it’s kind of delicious!!! But if you’re anything like me (love the taste, but hate the “non-healthy” factor), try swapping for organic turkey bacon or natural, pork bacon.

It’s extremely important to be mindful of how livestock was reared and to understand how the food you eat gets onto your plate!! Make sure to do your research… or just stop by Ambrosia, because we’ve already done that for you!!!! J

  1. Blueberries


Is anyone else just as shocked as I am that Canada is the World’s largest producer and exporter of blueberries?! Wowza! Blueberries are one of my absolute favourite fruits, so it makes me even happier that they’re apparently a complete, Canadian staple in the produce department too!

Plus, these little guys pack such a powerful antioxidant & nutrient-rich punch, so it’s a great idea to stock up for some healthy, Long Weekend breakfasts!!!

  1. Beef


I’m guessing that BBQ’s are going to be positively rampant on Canada Day, with this last Canadian classic being the “prime” star of the show. Steaks and beef are very much an all-Canadian meal, so we of course had to include this one! Although, similar to the bacon, be mindful of your choices and ensure that you’re selecting natural and organic, grass fed options!!!

What will you be eating this Canada Day?!

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