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Camino’s Organic and Fair-Trade Chocolate Easter Bunny

Easter weekend is fast approaching… can you believe it?! At Ambrosia, we are proud to be able to offer a vast selection of products that are natural and organic for every occasion! So today we’re putting the spotlight on Camino’s organic (& fair-trade) dark chocolate Easter Bunny!

Sweet Easter Treats 

 This past weekend I had the excruciatingly difficult task of consuming copious amounts of chocolate in order to write this post just for you guys! You’re oh so welcome! But in all seriousness, does anyone else feel incredibly nostalgic during those annual Easter egg hunts? I know I do!

Now that our society is becoming more conscious of what we put into our bodies, it’s important to take a look at cleaner and environmentally sustainable alternatives to the traditional sweets and treats that we used to love… because we’re allowed to splurge sometimes, right?! Insert Camino’s fair-trade and organic chocolate Easter bunny!

What does “fair-trade” mean you ask?

 Products that are certified as fair-trade mean that they’re free from GMOS, forced labour and poor working conditions. Essentially, this designation helps to empower farmers, farm workers or product producers from across the globe with fair wages, environmental education, sustainable farming practices and health benefits (just to name a few).


Camino works directly with fair-trade certified family farmers in Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Madagascar, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Sri Lanka! Their mission is to build strong business relations, while learning more about their producer’s challenges and successes, and how to overcome them.

By purchasing and supporting products that are certified fair-trade (like the Camino bunny!!), we can help reduce poverty, encourage sustainable farming practices and ensure that humane working conditions are being upheld and monitored.

Organic, Peanut-Free and Everything in Between!

 As you can see, there is so much to LOVE about this incredible brand of chocolate and food producers! Not only is Camino’s Easter Bunny certified fair-trade, it’s also certified organic, peanut-free and nut-free! Not to mention… it tastes absolutely delicious!! What more could you want in a chocolate bunny?!

 Indulge in What’s Good this Easter

So indulge in a cause and be sure to grab Camino’s fair-trade, organic Easter Bunny at Ambrosia… before they hop right off the shelves!!

What are some of your favourite Easter treats?! Let us know in the comments!


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