Boosting the Immune System with September’s Featured Products!

Welcome September! For many people September represents the beginning of another school year, settling back into routine and of course the changing of seasons.  As the summer begins to wind down, it’s important to be mindful of setting healthy habits in order to gear up for the cooler months ahead – hello cold and flu season!!

So today, we’re highlighting two of September’s “Featured Products” that will help you kick off the beginning of another season! Enjoy!

 Staying On Track During the Fall – Brit, Team Ambrosia 

Call me crazy, but back to school was always one of my favourite times as a kid! I loved the crisp air, the changing colour of leaves and most importantly… all things PUMPKIN! – seriously so delicious – Sure, summer was essentially over, but thinking about all of the goodness that this coming season had to offer always  seemed to alleviate my sadness!

However there was (and still are) most definitely some aspects of fall that I could do without… namely the sniffling and sneezing chaos that is cold and flu season! NO THANKS!

It’s therefore important to ensure that you’re immune system is in tip, top shape as we head full tilt into these fast approaching, cooler months! Below are three “Featured Products” that support immune health here at Ambrosia!

  1. Boned Broth

I’m sure that you’ve all heard of bone broth…  it seriously seems to be everywhere these days!!! However if you’re anything like myself, and initially felt rather questionable about the whole concept of bone broth, fear not! You’re not alone!

However upon doing a little research, I quickly discovered that bone broth is essentially a “Superfood” soup stock, and works by boiling the parts of animals that you don’t traditionally consume… Talk about not being wasteful! Bone broth packs a powerful nutritional punch, with all sorts of nutrients, and immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties like:

  • collagen
  • protein
  • amino acids – glutamine, glycine, arginine and proline
  • minerals and vitamins

There are SO many ways to consume this versatile, nutritional champion; from smoothies, to marinades, to soups! Here’s a quintessential chicken noodle soup recipe from Boned Broth that will surely help to soothe the soul!

  1. Garden of Life: Dr. Formulated Probiotics & Enzymes

Garden of Life_ Dr. Formulated Probiotics and Enzymes

Similar to bone broth, probiotics have also been enjoying thespotlight in the wellness industry as of late! And for good reason! Dr. Formulated Probiotics & Enzymes not only help promote a healthy immune system, but they also aid our digestive system! Probiotics are essentially “live” bacteria that help foster a healthy digestive tract by balancing out the “good” and “bad” bacteria.

We carry three different variations of the Dr. Formulated Probiotics and Enzymes at Ambrosia:

  • Mood +: Supports mood, digestion and relaxation with 16 probiotic strains, organic ashwagandha, Alaskan blueberries and organic acacia! Not to mention this probiotic is hypoallergenic, vegetarian, and gluten, dairy and soy free!!
  • Digest +: Promotes nutrient absorption & aids in digestion with 29 powdered organic fruits and vegetables as well as 13 digestive enzymes! That is a LOT of nutrient amazingness! Bonus points because this probiotic is ALSO certified vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten, dairy and soy free!
  • 30 Billion & 90 Billion: Promotes digestive balance &regularity by supporting the colon and immune system on the daily!
  1. Gingo Beverages

Gingo Beverage

Gingo is a totally delicious and nutritious ginger drink! For those of you that don’t know, ginger is one of the more infamous, all natural stomach soothers… gingerols and shogaols (found in the ginger root) help to relax the intestinal tract when you’re feeling a little under the weather! Anyone else remember drinking a big, ol’ cup of gingerale when battling the flu as a kid?

Additionally, this beverage has been known to haveanti-nausea, digestion, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, & anti-bacterial properties! Who knew one drink could be so healthy?!These particular beverages from Gingo are also made with fresh fruits and contain no artificial flavours, preservatives or added sugars!

How do you stay healthy during the fall?!

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