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Enjoying the Great Outdoors is one of the best parts about summertime! Fresh air, sunny skies and open roads are all integral components that make for the most perfect summertime experience!

Just be sure that you’re being mindful of the sun… which is why TODAY we’re breaking down sunscreen ingredients, what to look for & what sunscreen products are on sale this month at Ambrosia! Enjoy!

 Toxins, Chemicals, & Parabens… OH MY!Brit, Team Ambrosia

I like to think of myself as sort of a quintessential cottage gal, so I absolutely LOVE being outdoors as much as I possibly can during the summertime! There’s just one teensy, tiny problem… UV RAYS are absolutely, positively no bueno!

I’ve therefore put together a bit of a laundry list of sunscreen information so that you can still enjoy the outdoors while protecting yourself from harmful rays.

The Sunshine Vitamin

Okay so let’s clear some things up! First and foremost… the sun does have its benefits – namely Vitamin D supply! . Vitamin D is very difficult to get in our diets, particularly for vegetarians and vegans because it’s most high in dairy products, tuna and salmon, so the sun IS a great option to get our vitamin D *** be sure that you talk to your doctor about exposure to sun & vitamin D. Aside from this, safe sun practices should always be used.

What to Watch Out for in Sunscreen

It’s important to know what to look for in order to get the most effective and safe products out there on the market in terms of sun, environmental & general overall safety. Here is a list of chemicals common in sunscreens that you should try to avoid:



Methylbenzylidene Camphor



Retinyl Palmitate


The Good Guys

Feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry. Below are some of OUR favourite picks when it comes to natural sunscreen, after sun lotion & EVEN foods:


Organic Certified sunscreen from Green Beaver

Alba Botanica (on sale this month for $5.99)

Kiss My Face natural sunscreen cream

True Natural

Boo Bamboo

After Sun Lotion

Nature’s Aid – Skin Gel

Lily of the Desert  – Organic Aloe Gelly

Jason – Soothing Aloe

Real Aloe- Gel or Spray

Foods That Help Protect & Repair Your Skin




Green Leafy Vegetables

Pink Grapefruit

Well that’s my spiel on sunscreen! There are so many beautiful adventures out there in the world that should be enjoyed to the fullest… just make sure you’re being mindful while doing it!


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