April Featured Products: 3 Reasons Vegan Foods are Good for the Environment

On April 22, we’ll be celebrating Earth Day — although at Ambrosia, we like to celebrate the Earth every day! When asked to think of personal ways to help with the climate crisis, most people probably think of driving less or recycling more. However, eating more plantbased foods is a great way to reduce your impact […]

March Featured Products: Products to Help Navigate Our “New Normal”

Roughly one year ago, our lives were transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our homes quickly evolved to become our gyms, play areas, office space, classroom… just to name a few! While this “new normal” won’t be around forever, we’ve compiled a list of products and services to help navigate these next few months and bring […]

February Featured Products: Self Care, Super Bowl Sunday

While most people don’t associate self-care with major sporting events, we believe that Super Bowl Sunday is actually a great time to pay some extra close attention to taking care of yourself… especially since we have no Super Bowl get-togethers to attend this year! Of course it can be fun to over indulge in junk […]

January Featured Products: Healthy Swaps for the New Year

A new year is upon us… thankfully! Many people leverage the New Year as an opportunity to re-evaluate lifestyle habits and make some resolutions for the coming year. Do you make resolutions? Well, if you’re looking for some easy ways to make a BIG difference to your lifestyle in 2021, here are some easy, simple […]

December Featured Products: Holiday Survival Guide

While the holidays can be a wonderful opportunity to relax, unwind, and celebrate the end of another year, they can also be pretty stressful. What with the cooking, the present-buying, and the decorating, December can definitely take its toll. This year, the holidays promise to be even more difficult than usual — for obvious reasons. […]

November Featured Products: Warm Comfort Foods For Cold Weather

Fall is a pretty special time of year. With cooler temperature, warm mugs, cozy sweaters, baked goodies and brisk hikes, there’s a lot to love about the season! One of our favorite things to do as the clocks go back and the nights get longer is to hunker down with some delicious, filling, comfort foods. […]

October Featured Products: Immune Boosting Strategies For The Fall

While it’s important to have a strong immune system year round, during the colder fall and winter months, your body can become more susceptible to illnesses. Of course, this year, having a strong immune system will be more important than ever. That’s why we always like to give our immune systems an extra boost as […]

How to Get Back on Track after the Summer Break

The summer can be an amazing time to relax, kick back, and treat yourself. However, after a few months of summer indulgences, you may be feeling a little sluggish and slow. Luckily, by following a few simple steps, you’ll be able to get yourself back on track in no time! Here are the five best […]

August Featured Products Post: 3 Ways to Improve Your Environmental Impact

It’s never been more important to think about your personal carbon footprint! As we become more and more aware of the ways in which our modern lifestyle impacts the planet, it’s vital that we change our habits and start living more sustainably. Luckily, the natural foods industry has really stepped it up! Over the past […]

July Featured Products: Summer Self-Care Practices

Summer is here and as the days get warmer and longer, we could all do with some reminders about how to take care of our bodies and minds in a healthy and balanced way! As much as we may LOVE summer, our lifestyle habits during this season can be a little harmful. With high temperatures […]