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August Featured Products Post: 3 Ways to Improve Your Environmental Impact

It’s never been more important to think about your personal carbon footprint! As we become more and more aware of the ways in which our modern lifestyle impacts the planet, it’s vital that we change our habits and start living more sustainably. Luckily, the natural foods industry has really stepped it up! Over the past several years, companies have launched some incredibly innovative products that make living sustainably easy and convenient. Here are three ways you can make a significant impact by simply changing some of your everyday personal habits!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Incorporate more plant-based foods into your meal plans

A wide range of studies have shown that the meat industry does have some negative implications for our planet. How? Conventional farming techniques used to rear animals take up a significant amount of our water, soil and land, contributing to the depletion of our planet’s water supply. According to the BBC, animal products are also responsible for 58% of greenhouse gas emissions. Basically… meat does create a significant carbon footprint!

If you are interested in moving towards a plant-based diet, try incorporating healthy meat substitutes into your meal plans. From vegan cheese slices to veggie sausages to veggie cold cuts, Alternative Kitchen has some excellent meat-free options that are packed with flavor and nutrients. Start by going meat-free for a couple days each week!

On the days that you do eat meat, look for brands that use sustainable or certified organic farming methods… like Beretta Meats!

Reduce food waste

Food waste is also a huge contributor to our planet’s deteriorating climate. Food waste is actually reported to be worse than plastic waste. This is because food waste winds up in landfills, rots, and produces methane, which is a hugely damaging greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

Implement various methods to reduce your food waste. Invest in a compost bin, so that your food can be turned into fertilizer. Or, make a habit of using your leftovers. Innovative brands like Food Huggers make it possible to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, even if they are partially used. This means you can stop throwing away half-used food items, reducing your household expenses and landfill waste at the same time!

Support sustainable products

Sadly, most businesses and manufacturers don’t follow sustainable practices in their production and shipment processes. Start to spend your money ethically by supporting products that are made with sustainability in mind. This means avoiding products that are made with harmful chemicals, excessive packaging, or unsustainable production processes. Luckily, we carry a wide variety of products that are fair-trade, certified b-corp, sustainable, organic… the list goes on and on!

You might be surprised by how many products contain dangerous, unsustainable ingredients. Sunscreen is one such product. Opt for a sustainable alternative like Think Sport, that doesn’t contain any chemicals that might become harmful to our oceans — remember, even if you aren’t a swimmer, your sunscreen is probably ending up in a natural water source after you shower!

Other products also tend to contain harmful ingredients, especially cleaning products, makeup products, and clothing — by searching for sustainable, organic options you’ll instantly improve your household’s environmental impact.

So… Are you up for the challenge? Start with small changes to make them manageable, and soon enough, you’ll find that living a sustainable lifestyle comes like second nature!

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