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At Home Manicure for Mother’s Day

Okay so you’ve read our Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed blog post last week… but breakfast can only last so long right? So what exactly are you supposed to do for the rest of the day? What about manicures? We know, we know… every spa within a 10 mile radius has likely been booked for weeks on Mother’s Day but that’s NOT what we’re talking about! We’re thinking Manicures at home with mom! Because who wants crowded spa days anyways?!

At Home Manicures With Mom

Manicures at the Nail Salon with my mom are somewhat of a ritual! We go on a bi-weekly basis and it’s become our time to catch up and indulge in a little bit of quality mother-daughter time. However for Mother’s Day I’m not entirely sure that a Nail Salon would be the best of areas to enjoy a nice, relaxing conversation with my mom over manicures! Why? Because they will be PACKED with tons of other people who have the exact same idea as you do!

But not to fret… don’t dash those Mother’s Day Dreams away just yet! Because you can still indulge in a spa day, but in the comfort of your very own home for Mother’s Day! Which to be honest I think is even BETTER!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

1. Mineral Fusion Lip & Tip KitThis doubles as your manicure essential AND a gift for mom! I’m particularly smitten with this gorgeous vibrant red colour – and now that the weather is heating up it couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion! Not to mention, this product is vegan and cruelty free so BONUS POINTS – annnnnd you’re getting two products for the price of ONE (this is on SALE for just $11.11 until Mother’s Day…. YES PLEASE! Most cost effective Mother’s Day gift EVER!).

 2. Coconut Oil

3. Warm Towels

4. Organic Cucumber Infused Water with Progressive’s Complete Collagen – I’m the rare breed out there that actually really loves to drink water. I know – so weird! I love it even more when it’s infused with cucumbers (try it, it’s delicious) AND collagen – which improves your hair, skin and nails! Methinks that this couldn’t be a more PERFECT Spa Water combination for Mother’s Day – Oh wait… it CAN be more perfect! Progressive’s Complete Collagen is $5 off this month!

5. Collagena Face Masks – I’m pretty sure that you can’t have an at home spa day without a face mask! The new Collagena Facemasks uses Collagena Hydrogel (their own patented creation) and added marine collagen to deliver hydrating and active ingredients in a targeted manner!

Here’s What You Need to Do!

  1. Before your mom arrives place sliced organic cucumbers into water and refrigerate for two hours! Just before she gets there, scoop Progressive’s Enhanced Collagen into the water! Serve when she gets there!
  2. Apply your face masks and leave them on while you soak and paint your nails (around twenty-ish minutes)
  3. Arrange bowls filled with warm, soapy water ** go with a natural, unscented variety as to now irritate the skin! Be sure to allow your hands to soak for about five minutes! You can also add salts (but this is totally optional)
  4. Clip, & File Your Nails!
  5. Apply coconut oil to your hands, cover with a wet, warm towel to allow the moisture to lock in! Sit for five minutes. Remove, give your hands a bit of a massage and gently pat dry your hands.
  6. Paint your nails!
  7. Allow to dry… voila! All the spa, without all of the chaos… and money!

How will you be spending Mother’s Day?! Don’t forget to scope out our Mother’s Day wall for gift ideas for Mom! Including these Mineral Fusion Lip & tip Kits!