April Featured Products Post: How to Stay Focused and Healthy While Social Distancing

Social distancing and self-isolation are becoming more and more important for public health. As a result, we are all experiencing dramatic changes to our daily lives. Many are working from home, while others are learning to home school their children. It’s more important than ever that we stay focused and healthy during these pivotal times.

Staying Healthy While Social Distancing

Physical fitness and mental well being are absolutely interconnected… it’s hard to have one without the other! In times of uncertainty and stress, it’s easy to let both go down the drain and make the situation seem even worse. Here are four tips on how to make sure you stay physically and mentally fit over the next few weeks.

Create a Routine

Just a couple of months ago, you probably had a pretty regular routine! You got up, got dressed, went to work, and so on. Being stuck at home has likely thrown your routine RIGHT out the window. Create a new daily routine and stick to it. This will help you to get through the day and be productive.

Make sure that SLEEP is still a priority when it comes to your new “routine”. Ensure that you’re sticking to your regular nighttime routine! Set a bedtime, and stick to it. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and do your nightly skin care routine! Looking for something to complement your existing skincare routine? Try the Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil from Kalaya! It helps moisturize and repair the skin barrier that keeps that moisture in!

Lack of sleep will make you groggy and grumpy, plus it won’t do any favours for your immune system.

Plan Your Meals

While you may be tempted by indulgent comfort foods during this time, try to create a nutritious meal plan that will keep your mind alert and your immune system in prime condition. If you’re struggling to find interesting healthy recipes, try the new General Tso Bowl from Amy’s. This frozen, prepared meal is super easy, delicious, fresh, and nourishing!

Take Breaks

If you are working from home, you may feel as though there is no separation between your work space and your home space. Be rigid about where you work and how you work. Take proper breaks, leave your work room and maybe do some yoga or have a snack!  If you’re still feeling unfocused and distracted, why not try AOR’s SuperFocus? This blend of vitamins and herbs helps tackle brain fog and keeps you ultra-alert during the work day!

Reward Yourself

Reimagining your daily routine and transforming your working patterns isn’t an easy task. If you manage to get a few things done during the day, you should be proud. Set yourself achievable goals and reward yourself when you complete them. For instance, if you finish a work project, watch an episode of your favourite tv show. Or, if you manage to work for two hours straight, reward yourself with a mug of hot chocolate and a cookie.

Remember, these comforting snacks can still be healthy! Try using the Mylko dairy-free Almond Milk for your hot chocolate, and pair it with the tasty, gluten-free Sweet Cinnamon Mini Cookies from MadeGood. Fun Fact: Almond milk is packed with Vitamin E, Calcium, and Vitamin D, which will help to keep you feeling alert and proactive.

Has your daily routine been upended?! How are you staying healthy and focused?

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