April Featured Products Post DIY Pregnancy Gift Basket

Happy, happy April! Seeing as how this month – and spring in general – is typically known as the season of “birth” we found it rather appropriate to highlight some of the Baby and Kid Friendly April Featured Products this month! So if you have any expectant mother’s in your life, be sure to keep this list in mind, because we’re showing you how to put together a Pregnancy Gift Basket using Attitude and Freeyum Products!

How To: Put Together a Pregnancy Gift Basket – Brit, Team Ambrosia 

Now to be completely honest here, I really do not know too much about pregnancy- but I DO know a thing or two about natural health & beauty products & how to arrange a pretty mean gift basket! So I’m therefore mustering up all of the knowledge I can possibly think of regarding natural baby products in order to give you a proper breakdown of what absolutely needs to be in a pregnancy gift basket!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Diaper Bag – This is going to act as the “gift basket” itself! A chic diaper bag is a practical and most importantly USABLE vessel to hold all of the gift basket contents for the mama to be! – You know those gift baskets you receive & literally have zero use for the basket itself? Well using a diaper bag will completely eradicate this issue!
  • Natural Diapers – What better item to fill your diaper bag with… than diapers?! We carry a couple of different all natural, non-toxic diaper brands here at Ambrosia! From chlorine and fragrance-free to eco-friendly and reusable… we have something for everyone! So come stop by to choose which one you think would work best for the mom! Tip: Natural Baby Wipes would also be a GREAT addition! Stock up on some of these while you’re at it!
  • Attitude Baby Products From lotions to body wash and shampoos, Attitude has got you covered in the baby care department! These Canadian made products are hypoallergenic, biodegradable AND vegan, and rest assured… they contain zero chemical ingredients! All natural, all the way… you cannot go wrong with this gentle, soothing and naturally soft scented baby care line! Grab a few of the baby care products to top your gift basket off with!
  • Natural Baby Foods – Honestly, some of the flavours of the natural and organic baby food we carry actually looks SO amazing! Not that I would try it or anything… ** wink, wink, nudge, nudge ** The other day I saw a “Thanksgiving Dinner” variety! Lucky babies! Healthy, delicious AND nutritious! This is literally the most important time for any human to get all of its nutrients, so organic is the way to go & we have PLENTY of options!
  • Attitude Stretch Mark Cream & Nursing Balm – We obviously have to get a little something for the momma! Attitude also carries hypoallergenic and vegan stretch mark cream & nursing balm, which is designed for mother’s to celebrate being, well… mothers! Both products contain worry free ingredients, so mom’s can rest assure that their products they’re using are gentle and safe for both themselves and their babies!!
  • Freeyum Cookies – This is a little treat for the older siblings!! They deserve a little spoiling too, right?! I mean they ARE about to share all of their time with a brand new baby! These cookies are perfect for the kiddos because they’re free from the top nine allergens: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, sulphites, seafood, soy & sesame… not to mention TOTALLY delicious & wrapped individually (which makes them perfect to toss a few into the gift basket, without being too bulky in the actual box itself!)


Easy! Simply arrange all of the products into the diaper bag, wrap and top with a bow! Voila! You’re officially the person at the baby shower with the very best gift in town.

Will you be trying this DIY out?!


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