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Ambrosia Holiday Gift Guides 2017

It’s here, it’s HERE… December is HERE! We can OFFICIALLY start getting excited for holiday season, and what BETTER way to celebrate than by sharing our gift guides for 2017?! We’ve included a HIS & HERS to make gifting this season a WHOLE lot easier on you… ENJOY! And be sure to let us know if you happen to pick up any of these gift ideas for your friends & family!

HIS & HERS 2017 Holiday Gift Guides

I don’t know about you guys… but I am SO behind on my Christmas & Holiday shopping this year! Like SO behind!! Thankfully, we JUST brought in all of our Holiday Items & my mind has been positively exploding with all sorts of ideas that I can gift to my friends & family this year…. FUEF!!!

Holiday Gift Guide – For Her:

  1. Mineral Fusion Lip & Tip Kit – HELLO stocking stuffer alert!! Lip & beauty kits of the like are making MAJOR waves in the makeup industry lately so this one is definitely going to be a surefire hit for the natural beauty queen in your life! If you’re on social media… you KNOW lip kits are all anyone’s talking about these days! On Sale: $13.99/ea
  2. Elore Naturals Mud Mask – I know, I KNOW… you’ve seen this before! Literally whenever I create some form of list, I ALWAYS include this mud mask, but it is just THAT GOOD! We all love it over here at Ambrosia & it honestly just does absolute wonders for your skin! If you have a spa connoisseur on your list this year… YOU NEED TO GET THIS FOR THEM! On Sale: $9.99/ea ($6.30 OFF!!!!!)
  3. Pacifica Beauty Kit – This is another really GREAT stocking stuffer option! It comes with a perfume roll-on, body butter & natural colour lip tint! Like I said, these are great gifts for stocking stuffers, teachers, estheticians etc!
  4. Body Oil Starter Kit – This Weleda Body Oil Kit is an AMAZING value! There are 6 mini Body Oils of different varieties that come with each of these kits! Each oil serves a specific purpose – ie. Lavender for Relaxation, Pomegranate for Regeneration, so it’s a great way to get a beauty lover introduced into the world of oils! On Sale: $14.44/ea
  5. Mini Himalayan Salt Lamp – Have you ever been in a room with a salt lamp? It’s SO soothing & calming! AKA I’m thinking this might be a good gift for anyone who tends to get a little bit stressed out during the hustle & bustle of holiday season! I love the idea of gifting this as a hosting gift during the holidays…. It’s like a natural, healthier alternative to the oh, so popular scented candle host gift! On Sale: $12.22
  6. Gemz Bracelets – Everyone enjoys receiving a little bit of bling during the holiday season… and THIS one not only looks great, but it serves a purpose! Each variety of bracelets is designed to enhance your overall well-being.
  7. Joyous Detox – This is Joy’s latest book installment, & it has become WILDLY popular!!! If you have a health-conscious family or friend on your list, this is a pretty good bet! Just make sure they don’t ALREADY have the book!
  8. CheekyBee Beeswax Candles – I LOVE Candles! They are literally on every single surface area possible in my condo; I find them very calming and relaxing – again, perfect for those who get a little stressed from the hustle & bustle of the season! I especially love the look of these candles – they’re very rustic & have just the most amazing natural scent!

Holiday Gift Guide – For Him:

  1. Men’s Shaving Kits – I don’t know about you… but I find that the men in my life are SO difficult to shop for!!! I never have ANY clue as to what I should be gifting them, so when I saw this Shave Kit from Every Man JACK I got SO excited! This kit comes with a natural face scrub, shave cream and face lotion! On Sale: $19.99/ea
  2. Dead Sea Mud Soap – I love this for a stocking stuffer! Similarly to Elore’s Mud Mask… I LOVE this mud soap (surprise, surprise), & I guarantee that the men in your life will love this too! On Sale: $5.99/ea
  3. Ambrosia Gift Card – I find that sometimes… it’s just best to give a gift card! I actually LOVE receiving gift cards because then I can actually purchase something that I truly LOVE & want or need! I think this is just the perfect gift idea… especially if you have someone in your life who is health conscious!
  4. DECODE Deodorant  – This is ALSO a really great stocking stuffer idea! This natural deodorant is cruelty free, gluten free, made in Canada AND vegan! It’s a WIN on ALL counts!
  5. Health & Wellness Book – I don’t know why, I just love receiving and gifting books for the holidays, birthdays etc!!! I think they’re fun, practical AND the gift receiver can actually get a lot of really great, useful information from them! We carry a variety of books that make for the most perfect gift this holiday season!
  6. Thinksport Water Bottles – I love the sleek, modern & fresh look of these water bottles! Thinksport’s mission is to create safe products that have the LEAST impact possible on the environment when it comes to packaging and creation. Not to mention, they regularly connect with non-profit organizations to help better our community! It’s the gift that gives back!
  7. Sukin – Because men should indulge in a little spa treatment too! This Sukin Oil Balancing + Charcoal Pore Refining Facial Scrub (from what I’m told) is pure bliss! There are literally only FIVE ingredients listed on this product so you can bet that this is one clean product!


What are you getting your friends & family for Christmas this year?!