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Ambrosia Gift Guides: For The Spa Lover

Hello Holiday Season! We’re oh so excited because starting today, every week leading up to the holidays we’ll be releasing an “Ambrosia Gift Guide” tailored specifically to each and every single person in your life! On the agenda today: Gift Guide For The Spa Lover!

The Spa Lover’s Gift Guide! – Brit, Team Ambrosia

I am one hundred percent guilty of splurging on various spa treatments from time to time… they’re just so soothing and relaxing I simply cannot help myself! But as much as I love indulging and pampering myself, there is most definitely one hefty price tag associated with extravagant spa days!

So is there someone on your holiday gift list that deserves a little TLC, but you’re trying to justify the costs associated with this type of gift?! As much as it’s a nice, welcome surprise to receive a gift certificate to the spa for the holidays, it can be more beneficial to provide them with the actual tools themselves so they can relax and rejuvenate all year round!

Here are some of my picks for the spa lover in your life these holidays! Choose a couple of the below products on this list, and create your very own at home spa kit for your friends and loved ones!

1. Shoshi Naturals – 100% Certified Organic Cotton Towels

Because what’s a spa day if you’re not walking around in a plush, white towel?! I mean, we’re going for authenticity here right?!

As I’m sure some of you are aware, our skin absorbs what we put onto our bodies almost immediately into our bloodstream – so we obviously want to make sure that we put onto our body is as clean as possible! Insert: 100% Certified Organic Shoshi Cotton Towels!!! These towels are harvested without pesticides, herbicides or artificial growth regulators; yet still maintain the silky softness and durability that are paramount characteristics when looking for a quality towel! Win, win for all!

2. Life Candy Sleep Mask

I love these sleep masks, and they come in the most adorable varieties! I’ve recently added both the “eyelashes” and the “counting sheep” masks because I decided that I needed both of these super cute sleep aides in my life! Plus, I can’t think of anything more perfect to add in your spa gift set for the holidays!

The release of our natural sleep hormone melatonin is triggered in darkness, and the cotton interior of these masks blocks out any light, which, as mentioned, will induce the production of melatonin! Sleep easy over the holidays… you’re going to need all the rest you can get!

3. Elore Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask

You can’t really call it a spa day if you don’t have some sort of cleansing or nourishing facemask! I really, really enjoy how these particular mud masks make my skin feel! I promise that I have truly never felt my face softer than after I apply this mud mask! The Elore Naturals Mud mask is made using 100% pure Dead Sea mud and is packed with all kinds of nourishing goodness for your skin!

4. Aromaforce Essential Oils Diffuser Gift Set

First off, this gift set comes with a peppermint essential oil, which HELLO… couldn’t be more perfect for this time of the year! Essential Oil diffusers are wonderful to have in your home, particularly on days where you’d like to partake in an at-home spa treatment. Peppermint essential oils in particular have a calm, cooling effect on the body and mind. Not to mention, spas and masseuses typically incorporate essential oils within their services or spa treatments, so an essential oil diffuser is a really great way to mimic this at your home… for a fraction of the cost!

5. Weleda Body Oils

I’ve given some of these oils to a couple of my friends as birthday gifts and I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback! Weleda offers oils in everything from cellulite and body oils to massage and regenerative oils! So you really can’t go wrong… there’s something for everyone!

These body oils are formulated from plant, nut and seed oils in combination with plant extracts, and are designed to increase and restore your skin’s natural protective barrier!

6. Pumice Stone – Urban Spa

I love using pumice stones to exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells, which creates a nice even and SOFT skin tone! This particular pumice stone is made from cooled lava infused with magnesium, iron and oxygen! Sounds fancy right? Well cooled lava is one of the more older stones utilized for its healing and natural exfoliating properties!

 7. Bath Salts

Baths are a great way to de-stress at the end of a long workday! We carry a variety of different natural and organic bath salts here, my personal favourite is the Himalayan salts! Which may or may not simply be due to the fact that I love the soft pink colour of the salts… so pretty!

Light some candles, throw on the Elore mud mask, grab your book and soak in a super luxurious bath filled with these nourishing salts to help relax your muscles and loosen stiff joints!!! After, you can always throw on one of those Shoshi towels and call it a day!

 8. Himalayan Salt Lamp

These salt lamps are so ridiculously beautiful, and SO calming to stare at! I swear at times I go into some sort of trance simply looking at one of these! Why are these lamps so soothing? Well Himalayan Salt Lamps generate negative ions which help to purify the air, reduce stress & promote relaxation through a process called hydroscopy. Essentially the Himalayan salt attracts and absorbs water molecules in the air – water molecules containing dust particles, or any toxic substance or chemical that may be floating around in your home. The heat generated from the light within the salt, then causes the water molecules to evaporate, whilst trapping the particles of dust, pollen etc inside the salt.

What will you be giving the spa lover in your life?!