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Ambrosia Gift Guides: For The Beauty Queen

We hope that you’ve all been enjoying our Holiday Gift Guide Series as much as WE have been!! So far, we’ve gone through both the Spa Lover & Fitness Fanatic… but now the Beauty Queen on your gift list needs a little bit of love! From trendy bracelets to makeup and nail polish… we’ve curated a list that will surely make any Beauty Queen simply swoon!

The Beauty Queen Gift Guide – Brit, Team Ambrosia

As a self-proclaimed beauty product groupie, this gift list was particularly fun to put together! I had the absolute best time poring over the wide array of health & beauty products that we carry here at Ambrosia, and narrowed it down to a few of my favs… not an easy task, let me assure you!

So without further adieu, I give to you the ultimate Green Beauty Gift Guide for the trendsetting Beauty Queen in your life!

1. Nail Polish

If you’ve been following these blogs over the past year, you’ll know that I love me a good manicure (pssst…. you can read about my super simple at-home manicure here!), so I obviously had to include a nail polish on this gift list! At Ambrosia, we carry a couple of different green, and non-toxic nail polish lines including Pacifica & Piggy Paint that would make for a great stocking stuffer! Look for on trend shades like nude, navy, or deep red for your Beauty Queen!

 2. Lipsticks

Gabriel & Zuzu Luxe have some really GREAT lipstick shades that are 100% natural and vegan; utilizing plant oils, botanicals and extracts as ingredients in their cosmetic line. Look for darker, rich colours when picking out your lipstick… they’re perfect for cold winter months, and make for a great pop!

3. Gemz Bracelets

I LOVE these Gemz Bracelets, and have gifted them to quite a number of people this year for birthdays or Mothers’ Day! I personally own the Turquoise variety… but I’m also a major fan of the Moonstone, Red Jasper or Rose Quartz colours! These gemstone bracelets are designed to help elicit the natural healing properties that these wonderful stones possess… so be sure to select wisely, because each bracelet serves a different healing purpose! Plus, they’re incredibly adorable too!

4. Eco-Friendly Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are an insanely useful and practical gift! It’s honestly a product that people never really think to replace or get for themselves, but it’s such a nice and wonderful surprise to receive a brand spankin’ new set of brushes! At Ambrosia, we carry the environmentally friendly, all natural Eco Tools Makeup Bushes at Thornhill and Basicare at Vaughan! The Eco Tools, cruelty-free line is made using recycled materials and renewable bamboo… plus all of their packaging is 100% tree FREE! Bonus points all ‘round!

 5. Andalou Beauty & Skincare Lines

Forewarning, this may sound incredibly odd, but you absolutely need to come to Ambrosia, and simply smell this skincare line (especially the 1000 Roses line)… it’s just that good! If you have a Beauty Queen on your gift list, they will absolutely fall in love with this beauty and skincare line! I use the 1000 Roses cleanser and toner every night and my skin feels absolutely silky smooth! Their BB Cream is also another MUST… great coverage, plus it ALSO has this amazing scent, which btw is all natural, as this product is made from fruit stem sells! Yay for science and beauty!

 6. Natural Perfumes

My mom gets me perfume in my stocking every single year, without fail! And I have to say that it is always one of my favourite gift items! I love experimenting and playing with different scents , and the Pacifica Perfumes are no different! The Pacifica Perfumes here are 100% vegan, and cruelty-free… we carry a wide variety from French Lilac to Tuscan Blood Orange and they’re all so incredibly lovely!

 7. Enhanced Collagen – Organika

Collagen is essential for our skin, hair and nail health, and adding it to your diet will help to revitalize, firm and smooth skin; this protein is also responsible for reducing the typically signs of aging! Collagen is an important building block for elasticity, and it’s ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Essentially, collagen is kind of like your very own Fountain of Youth… seriously, what better gift than that?! 😉

What are you getting for that special someone on your Beauty Queen gift list?!