5 Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom For Spring!

Spring embodies fresh starts and new beginnings, so what better way to kick start a new season than by giving your bathroom a bit of a spring refresh?! Not only are we sharing different ways to brighten up your bathroom this spring with some styling tips, but we’re ALSO giving your bathroom toiletries a bit of a spring refresh as well… to cleanse them of harsh and in some cases, toxic, chemicals!

Give Your Bathroom A Spring Refresh with These Five Tips!

Bathrooms tend to get a little forgotten in the home and décor department, so I wanted to give them some love this spring with a bit of a refresh! Not to mention, this blog post just so happens to coincide the sale of some pretty spectacular health and beauty bathroom products so it’s a win, win situation on all accounts!

Add a Bit of Greenery

Adding greenery to any space will almost automatically bring some much-needed life to a room, and it will guaranteed bring a breath of fresh air into your bathroom! If you have any shelving space or unused countertop space in your bathroom, incorporating greenery is definitely the way to go! Not to mention, Pantone’s colour of the year just so happens to be greenery so you’ll be trendy to boot!

Use Air Purifiers  

Attitude’s Natural Air Purifiers’ are one of this month’s Specials so I definitely wanted to incorporate it onto this list! And for good reason, because it serves an excellent purpose! Not only do you want your bathroom to look clean, but you want it to feel and smell clean as well. I mean, this is the space where you literally go to clean yourself so it kind of makes sense does it not?! This particular line is special because it uses charcoal and plant based extracts as a natural air filter as opposed to the more conventional brands out there! Plus they come in super spring friendly scents like lavender and passion fruit so you can help bring those lovely outdoor smells IN!

Swap Your Shampoos & Conditioners

This vegan, Non-GMO line of shampoos and conditioners is ALSO one of our April Specials… a SUPER Special to be precise (on sale for just $5.55/ea this month!!). Ironically, there are definitely some not so clean ingredients in our hair care products (think phthalates) but rest assured, this natural line of shampoos & conditioners is a trusted, healthier & natural alternative to the more conventional lines! Start swapping out your older hair care products with cleaner, non-toxic alternatives!

Add Candles

Candles are both soothing and relaxing, yet will help fancy up your space and give it a bit of a feminine touch! In my own, humble opinion you can honestly never have TOO many candles and this is an excellent way to give your bathroom a relaxing spa feel! I find that candle selection totally varies from person to person which is great because we have a few different varieties of candles here at Ambrosia – from beeswax to soy – so be sure to drop by and see which one works best for your bathroom! Tip: Pick candles of varying heights and group them together to add a bit more depth and dimension to your bathroom countertops!

Natural Spring Scented Soaps

EEEP this is my favourite part of the list! I am a total sucker for scented soaps, which is actually rather unfortunate because a good majority of the time, these scents are totally artificial and filled with a bunch of non-toxic chemical junk! But THESE particular bars are ANYTHING but unnatural! The Soap Works is a natural, specialty soap line that that is free from phosphates or lauryl sulphates AND are not tested on animals! Furthermore, they’re working to reduce their carbon footprint, so any form of packaging is kept to a total minimal! Because I’m trying to keep this in line with out spring theme, I am thinking that Camomile, Evening Primrose, and fresh scents like cucumber & calendula would be perfect to bring spring scents into the bathroom!

How do you freshen up your space for spring?!

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