5 Ways to Make the Most out of the Last Week of Summer

We don’t know about you… but we have had a GREAT summer this year! The weather has been fantastic, we’ve announced our third store in Toronto… what more could you want?! Well if you answered “time” then we actually agree with you! This summer has been SO great that we don’t want it to end, so we’ve rounded up five of the most quintessential summer activities so that you can make the most out of the last week of summer before school starts!

How to Make the Last Week of Summer Feel Longer  

It’s that time of year again! The back to school ads have started, Thanksgiving and EVEN Halloween themed décor has started popping up in stores, and fall clothes have taken over our malls! Now normally I’m a big fan of fall and would welcome all of these seasonal changes, but I have got to say that I am NOT ready for summer to end this year! The weather has been way TOO good! So in an effort to desperately hold on to every last inch of summer, I’ve been trying my very best to make the most of it with thee below quintessential summer activities!!!


… in anything! Summer is the ONE time of the year for us Canadians to really take advantage of outdoor swimming! So whether it’s a lake, or pool make sure that dive on into SOME form of water one last time before summer ends! And to complete the whole lake or pool-side ambiance, be sure to relax by the water with some of our favourite recipes like this rosemary sugar-free lemonade, or these strawberry coconut water pops!

Taking it one step further, and hosting a pool party over the next week? Read our tips for hosting a pool party here!

See a Summer Blockbuster Movie

Blockbuster movies and summer are synonymous with one another! Everyone knows that some of the best movies of the year come out in the summertime! But don’t waste your time watching movies INDOORS… watch a movie under the stars at the drive-in, or at outdoor parks! There are a ton of really great outdoor venues around Toronto and the GTA that play movies outdoors all summer long! Ps! Don’t forget to bring movie snacks! Simply 7’s Quinoa Chips are gluten-free, Non-GMO, contain no preservatives and are on SALE until the end of September! Thinking about something a little more sweet? Sweets From the Earth Vegan, Non-GMO  Cookies will more than satisfy that craving! Not to mention… they’re on sale too!

Do Something Baseball Related

I mean can you get more “summer” than baseball?! Head out to the park or beach to play catch, organize a friendly game of baseball or even score some last minute tickets and watch the pros play ball! Just make sure that you lather up with LOTS of natural sunscreen and stay hydrated because it’s been a scorcher out there all summer! May I suggest Frutsa’s thirst quenching fruit nectar and iced tea beverages? They’re made with exotic fruits and are absolutely delicious… and on sale this month!

Go to a Festival

Summer is filled with all kinds of really fun and unique festivals from Jazz Fest to Vegan Fest to the Ex! Check out your local listings and see what’s going on in your area over the next week or so! Summer is such a great time to get out and explore your own neighborhood… so take advantage!!! Pack a blanket, fill it with all kinds of healthy, natural snacks and fresh organic produce and spend the day at some of these festivals!

Host Your Friends For a BBQ

Is there any other way to cook in the summer besides BBQ?! I don’t think so! Look to the BBQ to cook your meals  this last week of summer… because we don’t have much time left to use it!  We have so many fun, BBQ recipes but some of our favourites are these Coconut Oil Chicken Wings and these plant-based bbq essentials!

So… how are you spending your last week of summer?!


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