5 Tips For Successful Meal Planning

Meal planning… we all hear this term a lot! But what does it actually mean and how can we perfect it so that we get the very MOST out of it? Not to mention, how do we ensure that this is something that is attainable and carried out over an extended period of time? These are all valid questions that seem to get asked a LOT! And seeing as how it is the start of a brand new year and these sort of questions are therefore asked at an all time HIGH, we thought that we would share a few tips and tricks to ensure that you can meal plan successfully!

How to Meal Plan Successfully

I’m only JUST getting into meal planning, but I already love it! Our household has been practicing meal planning consistently for about two months now and we’re already starting to reap the benefits; from having more energy to saving money, the pros associated with meal planning have been pretty excellent overall and I am more than happy to share some of our foolproof tips with all of you today!

  1. Check what’s on sale – okay so this is the very FIRST thing that we do! We look into what’s on sale, and then try to incorporate as many sale items into our weekly meal plan as possible to help save on money! Here at Ambrosia, we have a TON of really great products on sale this month all centring around fuelling a healthy, active lifestyle… BONUS! From coconut milks to salad dressing to noodles & protein bars – we have a stellar sale lineup for meal planning this month! Check out our sales here!
  2. Research recipes – now that you have an idea of what ingredients and products you’re looking to centre your meal planning around, it’s a good idea to start researching recipes! Make meals that lend themselves to “leftovers” so that you’re able to bring them to work for lunch the next day! I’m thinking that this Chilli , this Mild Chicken Curry or this Gluten Free Pasta would all be PERFECT options that could potentially last you for a couple of days! For our full recipe page, click HERE!
  3. Start a calendar – starting a food calendar is crucial to your meal planning process! The whole point of meal planning is to eliminate the stress and chaos typically associated with cooking & replace that with ease and organization! Starting a calendar is a key component of doing this. Write out exactly what meals are scheduled for each day to ensure you stay on track and slip into an easy routine that can be maintained over a long period of time.
  4. Choose a shopping day & make a list – Okay so now that you have your recipes and schedule all set, physically write out your ingredient list so that you can shop with purpose; quickly and effectively! Most people enjoy shopping and meal planning on Sundays – and luckily for YOU we are now open until 6pm on Sundays – AKA meal planning just got a WHOLE lot easier and more convenient!
  5. Prep food as soon as you get home – This is another really key component of the entire meal planning process! As SOON as you get home, unpack your grocery list & start prepping your meals for the week! Chop or shred your vegetables, cook meats etc and place them into sealable glass containers so that when it comes to the night you’re supposed to eat these foods… you’ve already done three quarters of the work! Easy, peasy!


What are some of your tips for successful meal planning?!

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