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5 Things to Detox From this 2018

When we think detox, we typically think of eliminating certain foods from our diets. But what if we expanded our mindset to include a wider breadth of negative practices to start becoming more mindful of, re-evaluate and determine whether we should let them go from our lives? Sounds like perfection right? Well let’s get started then…

What You Should Cleanse From Your Life 

I cannot think of a better time than NOW to start detoxing negative practices from our lifestyle! Hello, a New Year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh, clean slate. And I’m not sure about you, but although I am making major leeway on some of my 2018 goals– there are some that definitely need a little bit more of a “push” so to speak. It is time for a little bit of a lifestyle renovation that’s for sure & cleansing or detoxing your life of the five below practices will definitely help you lead a more well-rounded life in 2018!

1. Stress

I know right… WAY, way easier said than done! But perhaps it’s time to take our stress levels a bit more seriously! Take a step back from your life, analyze it objectively, & see if there are any minor changes you can make to your life in order to ensure that it is a bit more “stress free”. Start implementing practices into your daily routine! Some to consider:

  • Incorporate essential oils into your nighttime routine. We currently have NOW Lavender Essential Oils on sale right now! Make it a point to put your diffuser on every night to help promote relaxation – you could even try anti-stress activities like reading a book or taking a bath while your diffuser is going!
  • Anti-Stress Supplements. Consider anti-stress supplements like Natural Calm! Natural Calm has the ability to help ease both stress and insomnia! It’s essentially a tasty, magnesium drink that you can take every single day.
  • Get Moving. Exercise is known to help reduce stress! Try going for daily walks to help get the endorphins going.

 2. Bad Spending Habits

Us humans tend to have a nasty little habit of spending money on frivolous, unnecessary things! Start being smarter with your money this 2018 and detox bad spending habits from your lifestyle… especially when it comes to your groceries! Let’s be real – how many times do your groceries end up going bad in the fridge? One way to capitalize on smarter, less wasteful grocery shopping is to meal plan! We recently wrote an article on this very thing, and you can check it out here!!

 3. Staying up Late

Okay so this is the lifestyle practice that I absolutely need to detox from my life!! I have terrible, terrible sleeping habits! I’m one of those people that stares at the ceiling for hours upon end until eventually I am able to fall asleep! It is horrible!!

Incorporating some of the stress-free habits I mentioned above is most definitely going to help improve your sleep patterns, however if you’re looking for some additional tips – I have a couple methods up my sleeves that will most definitely improve your sleep patterns in a major way!

  • Taking a melatonin supplement an hour before your usual bedtime – we have a MASSIVE variety of melatonin supplements to choose from!
  • Reading before bed – this will put me out in a matter of minutes!
  • Not watching any TV or scrolling through your phone an hour before bed – the light emitted from these devices inhibits the release of your body’s natural melatonin!!!

 4. Eating Processed Foods

We can’t mention detox without bringing up foods at ALL! Eating processed foods can wreak havoc on your body in a major way. It can make you feel lazy, sluggish, not motivated – and worst of all, lead to health concerns! Start consuming whole, real foods to nourish and fuel your body so that you can take on 2018 with purpose!

It goes without saying that we have an endless variety of natural foods… for starters, you can check out our Specials HERE!!!!!

 5. Waste Producing Products

We’re starting to see a shift toward a no-waste lifestyle in a huge, huge way! People are really starting to have important and meaningful conversations about our impact on the environment! Start cleansing wasteful products from your life and investing in no-waste household items! Here are a few ways you can do just that!

  • Reusable Shopping Bags – think about making the switch to our cloth Ambrosia reusable shopping bags over the plastic ones!
  • Compostable Straws- we carry these from Preserve! They are reusable, backyard compostable and not made from plastic or wax!
  • Bamboo Toothbrushes– not only is this biodegradable toothbrush environmentally friendly, but the packaging it comes in is too! It is compostable! Not to mention, this toothbrush lasts just as long as the conventional ones!
  • Lunch Containers– We carry Preserve lunch boxes that are made of recycledplastic!
  • If You Care products – If You Care has a huge line of household products ranging from aluminum foil to baking cups! They boast a HUGE number of amazing environmentally certifications including OK Compost Home, Biodegradable Products Institute, Forest Stewardship Council & EU Ecolabel just to name a few!

PS. One of our Followers @thesoulfulsprout will be taking over our Instagram Account to talk about a few Zero Waste Products over the next fews days, be sure to follow along here! 

What lifestyle habits do you need to detox from this year?!