3 New Years’ Resolutions Using January’s Featured Products!

Happy 2018 Ambrosia Friends! We hope that you all had a fantastic New Years’ Eve & Holiday Season spent with family & friends! Now that we are in a brand New Year filled with all kinds of promise for new beginnings and exciting adventures, we thought that we would delve right into one of the oldest traditions surrounding New Years… Resolutions of course! Today we’re sharing three New Years’ Resolutions & how you can achieve them using January’s Featured Products!

3 New Years’ Resolutions & How to Achieve Them 

Okay so if you happen to have read any of my past posts regarding New Years, you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of arguably the BIGGEST night of the year! However, despite my slight distaste for NYE I DO happen to absolutely love making Goals & Resolutions for myself for the year ahead.

Now I know what you’re going to say… hardly ANYONE ever actually keeps their New Years’ goals? Well – true, BUT I am here to tell you that there are in fact ways to ensure that your resolutions actually stick this year!

How? Well you need to pick parameters for your Resolutions and ensure that they are specific, and definable!  For example, it’s simply not enough to say that “In 2018 I will begin exercising more” – instead it should read “in January 2018, I will go to the gym 2 times per week, in February 3 times per week, in March 4 times per week”…. And so on, and so forth! This is something that is specific, easy to measure AND easy to achieve and maintain throughout the year!

Now lets tackle three NYE Resolutions using THESE parameters… & a few of January’s Featured Products!

Old Resolutions “In 2018 I will…” New Successful Resolutions “In 2018 I will…”
“Use Green Beauty Products” “Start replacing conventional beauty products with green beauty products as I run out of them.” Tossing and replacing your entire beauty & makeup products all at once and replacing them is drastic, and can cost a lot of money all at once (which can deter you from undertaking this resolution in the first place!). As you run out of your conventional shampoos, or conditioners slowly begin to replace them with greener, healthier beauty products like Body Lotions, Matcha Face Wash & Shampoos & Conditioners from Womensense. Womensense products are free from toxins, perfumes & xenoestrogens & are vegan, Non-GMO & gluten free.
“Be Healthier” “Start taking Prebiotics”. Being healthier in the new year is a bit of a blanket statement – it’s important to have a “starting point” when it comes to health, so why not try and tackle your gut health as a base? Genuine Health’s Fermented Organic Gut Superfood contains 22 fully-fermented plant-based organic superfoods and prebiotics that improves digestion, & enhances mineral absorption. Once you have improved absorption, you’ll start to actually absorb all of the healthy nutrients you’ve been consuming!
“Know Where My Food Comes From” “Read food labels & research products before buying them”. Transparency in the food industry is thankfully becoming a bigger & bigger trend! Lots of companies are starting to invest in fair-trade labeling like Galerie au Chocolat: Fair-Trade Chocolate or using ingredients that are Organic or Non-GMO like Cha’s Non-GMO Canned Fruits! Start looking for these types of certified labels on your foods as you purchase them! Many companies are ALSO now starting to talk about product transparency and supply-chain traceability on their websites like Earth’s Choice!


What are some of your New Years’ Resolutions?!

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