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Another year, another slew of Food Trends for all of us foodies to drool over! Last year it was ALL about the plant-based foods, sea veggies, and sustainability and transparency and although none of these trends are going ANYWHERE anytime soon, it’s time to delve into some brand NEW trends and get excited about them! So pull up a chair and prepare to sink your teeth into five foodie trends you’ll likely be eating this 2018!

5 Food Trends to Look Out for in 2018  

I get it… after the holidays it’s hard to think about ANYTHING involving or having to do with food. I mean I think I’m STILL suffering from a serious case of chronic food coma stemming from our big Christmas Eve dinner two weeks ago! BUT, luckily for all of us, the demand for transparency in the food industry is steadily increasing… so our yearly foodie trends seem to be getting healthier and healthier as the years go by! Yippee!!!

AKA you therefore don’t have to feel TOO badly about indulging and experimenting with these trends because 2018 is officially the year where tasty and HEALTHY merge! And I, for one, could NOT be more excited about the route the food industry is currently going!

Below are five new food trends you absolutely NEED to try out this year… and be sure to let us know if you do – and more importantly – what you think about them!

Floral Flavours

 I am particularly excited to see what THIS new trend has to offer! I’ve personally been seeing a lot of floral flavoured Kombuchas popping up here and there… think Hibiscus, Rose Hips & Lavender JUST to name a few! In FACT Rise Kombucha is currently on sale right now & they’re available in Rose & Schizandra AND Hibiscus & Rose Hips so if you’re looking to try this floral trend… NOW just might be the time to do it!

This trend will of course not just be limited to Kombuchas though… look out for floral flavoured snacks and foods too!!!

Goodbye Lettuce Wraps… Hello Vegetable “Buns”

Yes that’s right… the ever so popular lettuce wraps are slowly moving there way out and making room for larger vegetables to take the place of the ever so important role of “buns” in a sandwich! We’ve seen people using halved peppers, halved squash, sliced eggplant or sweet potato, halved tomatoes…and even CUCUMBERS! The options are pretty endless & you have the opportunity to pack a whole TON of nutrients into your sandwiches when you go for THIS particular bunless route!

Root to Stem

We’ve been seeing a huge shift in our followers wanting to move toward a “no-waste” lifestyle! There has been a huge desire and want to start implementing no waste routines and products into everyday life… and this goes for our foods too! People are starting to develop recipes involving produce and foods… from root to stem! AKA using the whole vegetable or produce and not wasting ANY of it! I LOVE this practice… especially since a majority of these vegetables carry a lot of the nutrients in the root and stem! I can’t WAIT to see how you guys cook this one up in the kitchen!


Okay…. So I KNOW that sparkling water has kind of been around forever but THIS year they’re making a comeback in a major, major way! People are really starting to look and crave alternatives to some of their everyday unhealthy vices – like pop! Healthier sparkling drinks are therefore starting to pop up everywhere!!! I mean, can we talk about La Croix!!! That Non-GMO sparkling beverage practically exploded overnight! We carry a ton of healthier sparkling beverages so be sure to stop by and check it out!

Bacon Alternatives

In 2017 we saw a TON of movement toward plant-based alternatives in the food industry! Brands are continuously trying to develop vegan products that taste & have similar texture to meat – and this trend isn’t going ANYWHERE anytime soon! However instead of merely highlighting the plant-based movement in general… I wanted to showcase a specific food that is getting a vegan overhaul in a major way… a Canadian Classic – BACON! We’ve been seeing a TON of people experimenting in the kitchen & trying to perfect a plant-based bacon using vegetables to try and copy the real deal!

Here are some vegetables that – when cooked & prepared a certain way – tastes similar to bacon!

  • Mushroom Bacon
  • Eggplant Bacon
  • Carrot Bacon
  • Coconut Bacon
  • Tofu Bacon


What are some food trends you guys have been seeing lately?!