Greenhouse Juice Co:


“High Quality Plant Based Nutrition”

Greenhouse is a proudly Canadian company. Their mission is to offer widespread, sustainable access to plant-based nutrition of the highest quality by making life-enhancing products, to delight palates, build inspiring spaces, & to broaden perspectives. There cold pressed juices are always cold pressed daily in Toronto, using organic farming ingredients, and bottling in reusable glass.

We now carry there Top 5 juices: Gatsby, The Good, Farma-C, Genius, & Cranberry Kombucha! 


Smart Bite: Crispbread & Thin Crackers:


“Perfect for Anytime of Day”

Smartbite Snacks Inc. is a family owned and operated buisness located in Vancouver, BC. Offering you a variety of all-natural and organic wholesome snacks, Smartbtie Snacks selects only the highest quality ingredients.

Corn & Rice Cakes: Selection of all natural and organic rice and corn cakes! All products are full of whole grain goodness and are non-GMO, fat, sugar, & yeast free. Their thin style makes them perfect for making sandwiches or just snacking on as they crumble much less than other thick style rice cakes.

Crispbread: Melting in your mouth thanks to their distinctive lightness! Selecting only the highest quality ingredients to product a light, non-GMO, snack that is also suitable for those who are gluten intolerant. Enjoy these healthy versatile crispbreads with your favourite spread or topping as a light lunch or anytime snack! .


Field Roast: Vegan Escalope, Corn Dogs, & Fruffalo Wings:


“A Blend of Heritage”

At Field Roast they see themselves as a continuation of the tradition of making foods throughout the ages. Celebrating and honouring the great food-making traditions of Europe and Asia and bring them together in Seattle to create something special. They believe real is better than fake, which is why they use the simple tenets of good cooking and traditional meat and cheese making practices.

Vegan Katsu Escalope: Steaks of Original Lentil Sage Field Roast battered and breaded with their special recipe of black pepper, seasonings, breadcrumbs & sunflower seeds!

Fruffalo Wings: Spicy and piquant, daring and bold, crispy and saucy, dare to behold!

Corn Dogs: Dunked in a traditional sweet cornbread batter, ready to crisp up in the oven and dip mustard for a delicious snack.


Garden of Life: Prenatal Probiotics:


“Optimum Prenatal Care”

An effective way of providing immune support for mom & baby while supporting digestive health. Probiotics are an effective way to enhance the health of the gut bacteria, but prebiotic fiber also nurtures the good probiotic organisms already present. This shelf stable probiotic is highly effective because it contains 20 billion CFU & also 16 probiotic strains. It’s also recommended this probiotic be continued into lactation as probiotics are an important way for lactating women to remain healthty. There is no refrigeration required with this product and you only need to take one a day!


Green Beaver: SPF Lip Balm:


“100% Natural”

The best sunscreen lip balm that uses natural ingredients made in Canada. A soothing formula of zinc oxide, coconut oil, and beeswax will keep you covered in moisture and sun protection with SPF15. This natural sunscreen, Canada-made, enriched while it protects; ensuring you’re not burned by the sun or by harsh unnatural chemicals.

Now available in Mint & Coconut varieties!


Queen of Throne: Castor Oil:


“Queen of Castor Oils”

Castor oil has been known to be an amazing anointing oil to heal the sick. The Eygptians used it as a preserver of youth, skin, eyes and hair. In the tropics, Mediterranean basin and India for digestive well-being, vitality and as an anti-inflammatory. It’s modern reign is as a world class healing, revitalizing and rejuvenating oil. Some amazing benefits of using castor oil are: heals inflamed skin, reduces acne, moisturizing, prevents stretch marks, & promotes hair growth.