Earth’s Choice: Canned Tomatoes, Coconut Milk, & Cream:


“Helping the Earth”

Each and everyday, they are committed to offering the most delicious, certified organic foods at the highest quality and food safety standards in Canada; food your family can trust through product transparency and supply-chain traceability.

Canned Tomatoes: Working with farmers that employ sustainable, organic farming methods to build strong roots and enrich soil quality. Roots push deep into the soil to absorb moisture and nutrients – critical for the development of greater concentrations of the phytonutrient lycopene.

Coconut Milk & Cream: Use coconut milk or cream for baking and savoury dishes, adding richness to sauces, pancakes, rice & stew or curry.




Galerie au Chocolat: Fair-Trade Chocolate:


“Chocolatey Goodness”

Galerie au Chocolat was founded in Montreal in 1985. In the early days the company’s focus was on producing premium chocolate corporate gifts. Over the years the company evolved into one of North America’s best sources for quality private label and specialty chocolates for the retail industry. Introducing chocolates that are proudly Canadian made using only the finest Belgian chocolate and the finest ingredients. Containing no preservatives, using 35% whipping cream, unsalted premium butter and other natural ingredients.

We carry the following: No Sugar Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Cappuccino, Maple Crunch, Honey Nougat, 72% Dark, Sea Salt Dark, Fire Dark, Espresso, Earl Grey, Cinnamon, Rice Crisped, Green Tea, Cocoa Nibs, Cranberry Almond, Mint Crisp, Coconut, Almond & Sea Salt, Crunchy Pecan Caramel.

Cha’s: Canned Fruits:


“Goodness for the Soul”

Cha’s Organics is all about good people with a love for good food, making good things happen in the world. This love of diversity and staying true to one’s roots is reflected in the sourcing of Cha’s Organics spices and coconuts, which are all grown on biodiverse, small and medium scale family-owned organic farms. Cha’s introduces Organic Canned Fruits that are gluten-free, non-GMO, preservative and sulphite free. We now carry Mango Chunks, Coconut Cubes, Pineapple Chunks, Tropical Fruit, & Sweet Jackfruit .

Genuine Health: Fermented Organic Gut Superfood:


“Prebiotic: Superfood with a Punch”

Introducing the ultimate prebiotic gut superfood, a new and unique innovation in gut health. Made with 22 fully-fermented plant-based organic superfoods and prebiotics, fermented organic gut superfoods+ nourishes a health gut ecology for total body health. This product works to encourage the growth of gut bacteria, improve digestion, & enhance mineral absorption. This amazing product is available in Unflavoured, Summer Berry Pomegranate, & Orange Ginger.

Ascenta Cod Liver Oil+D:


“Clean, Light Taste”

Unlike other cod liver oils on the market this product has a smooth, light taste to it that is enjoyable. Containing 300mg of EPA & 600mg DHA. The many benefits of this product are: it is high in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, good source of vitamin D, & helps to treat arthritis. This product is now available in Tangerine & Lemon flavour.

Womensense: Body Lotion, Matcha Face Wash, & Shampoo and Conditioner:


“Clean Body Care”

Womensense introduces body care products that are free from toxins, perfumes, & xenoestrogens which are commonly found in traditional beauty aids. These products are also vegan, non-GMO, & gluten free.

Lavender Body Lotion: A clean and natural alternative to commercial lotions that provide daily nourishment and hydration for all skin types without perfumes and preservatives. Made with organic avocado oil and shea butter to replenish and protect your skin’s natural resilience and moisture without synthetic chemicals.

Matcha Facial Cleanser: A gentle facial cleanser provides effective cleansing without the perfumes and preservatives.

Hydrating Shampoo & Repairing Conditioner: This shampoo provides gentle yet effective cleansing for all hair types, while the conditioner repairs and balances leaving your hair soft, shiny, & nourished.