New Chapter: Turmeric Force Nighttime:


“Discover the Difference”

Turmeric Force Nighttime helps support sleep with a blend of time-tested herbs. It delivers full-spectrum chamomile and hops, plus lemon balm & valerian. Also contains several of the same herbs as Turmeric Force, including dual extracts of turmeric. Turmeric is traditionally used in herbal medicine as an anti-inflammatory to help relieve joint pain. Joint inflammation is a natural healing process of the body, but it can manifest as pain. The whole, active phytonutrients in Turmeric Force Nighttime work to provide a 100% herbal response to joint inflammation and discomfort.

WomenSense: CranSense & BladderSense:


“Products for Every Woman”

The trusted choice of health professionals, WomenSense formulas contain the highest quality ingredients and natural extracts that work to provide you with better sleep, less stress, more energy, & overall relief.

CranSense: Helps prevent recurrent urinary tract infections, promotes a healthy urinary tract to help prevent recurrent infections, & a source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.

BladderSense: Provides supportive therapy for bladder irritation.

Mineral Fusion: Makeup Brushes:


“Simplifying Your Beauty Routine”

These cruelty free makeup brushes are made to offer professional quality that is long lasting, and leaves your skin feeling smooth & looking radiant.

Blender: Perfect for the lightest application of foundation, bronzers, or blending.

Camouflage: Applying concealer to under-eye area, or to spot treat hyper-pigmentation.

Blush: Applying colour to the apples of cheeks.

Kabuki: Designed to achieve medium to full coverage.

Flawless: Versatile foundation brush with light to full coverage.

Blue Top Sauces:


“It’s Over The Top”

Inspired by true intentions of the heart, they set out to create a brand that would make your life happier. Blue Top means thoughtful, creative and extraordinarily delicious recipes every time. Introducing a creamy hot sauce that is over the top! Their creamy street sauces are inspired by street truck style type recipes. These amazing sauces are available in: Original Creamy, Buffalo Cayenne Hot Sauce, Curry Habanero Hot Sauce, Honey Chipotle Hot Sauce, & Garlic Hatch Hot Sauce.

Road Crew Crunch Mixes:


“Simplest of Ingredients”

Rolling your favourite snacks into one great tasting, outrageous snacking experience. Made with gluten free pretzels, rice puffs, & peanuts, all drenched in chocolate. These delicious snacks are non-GMO, certified fair-trade, and filled with pure goodness. These amazing mixes are available in Milk Chocolate Mile, Peanut Butter Pass, Dark Chocolate Detour, & Toasted Coconut Turn.

Zevia Sparkling Water:


“Refreshingly Delicious”

Sometimes water gets boring, but it doesn’t have to be! Zevia’s Sparkling Waters are effervescently, tongue-tingly delicious. Whether it’s jazzin’ up your lunch, hydrating after a workout, or chillin’ pool side, these lightly flavoured sparkling waters will fizz out your boredom and brighten your day. These sparkling waters contain zero calories & sugar, certified non-GMO & gluten free, also Kosher and vegan. These are available in Blackberry which is perfectly tart & sweet, Cucumber which is perfectly balanced & sweet, & Lime which is zesty & sweet.