Garden of Life: All in One Nutritional Shake & Raw Organic Protein:


“Real Healthy Foods”

Introducing two new & exciting protein blends that are great for everyone.

Raw Organic Protein: Providing and excellent source of protein (22 grams) from 22 raw organic sprouts, this certified  organic, non-GMO, raw, vegan, & dairy free protein is great for everyone! Included are essential amino acids, live probiotics & enzymes which provide for easier digestion. This amazing protein works to build & repair muscles and is also good for pre- or post-workout.

All in One Nutritional Shake: Packed with 20 grams of clean, organic plant based protein along with lots of superfoods & whole food vitamins and minerals; also providing you with a good source of fibre, along with containing live probiotics allowing for this protein to be easily digested.




Natural Traditions: Ahiflower Oil Omega 3-6-9:


“Healthy is Their Specialty”

Introducing the richest & most effective combined omega 3 & 6 fatty acid source from a single, non-GMO plant found in nature. Ahiflower is a true omega 3 & 6 powerhouse and is found to be more effective than flax, chia, or hemp. This vegan formula delivers a healthy balance of omega’s, along with helping to improve cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol, reduce joint pain, & improve cognitive function .

Asana Pads:


“Gentle & Strong”

Tested and approved by Health Canada, Asana is proud to bring you the most advanced feminine hygiene products on the market today. Their patented Biowave advantage layer combines natural minerals with cutting edge nano-technology to destroy 99% of bacteria and naturally eliminate odours, leaving you feeling fresher & more confident than ever. The benefits of these pads are that they are soft & thin, provide comfortable support & at the same time are dry and leave you feeling fresh.

Better Than Pasta:


“No Rinsing Needed”

These are a fantastic alternative to regular rice, noodles, & pasta. These konjac products are organically made from the Japanese Konnyaku Plant & are free of carbohydrates, fat, gluten, sugar, & salt, also being low GI & calories. There is no rinsing needed for these products, you simply take them out of the bag and you can heat in the microwave or make a stir-fry with them! Also, helping you to lose weight & maintain healthy cholesterol levels, these vegan products are great for everyone!

Healthy Crunch Kale Chips:


“Artisanal Kale Foods”

They believe in eating whole, real foods to make you feel good inside & out, providing you with high quality foods for your body & mind. They are located in the heart of Toronto providing you with kale chips that are organic, raw, non-GMO, free of tree nuts, peanuts, soy, & corn.

Manitoba Harvest: Toasted Hemp Seeds:


“Super Crunchy, Super Snacks”

Toasted Hemp Seeds pack a powerful punch, with bold flavours and a nutritional profile that is hard to beat! Each 30 gram serving of Toasted Hemp Seeds contains 8 grams of protein & omega 3 & 6, & 9 grams of fibre. You can snack on these amazing toasted hemp seeds straight out of the bag, sprinkle on salad, or add to trail mix for a satisfying crunch! These amazing seeds are available in Sea Salt & Sriracha flavours.