Earth Friendly Products

Every year when April 22nd rolls around, we have the opportunity to reflect on how we can make a difference in our environment and the world. One way to make a positive change is to become more aware and mindful of our product choices by investing in Earth Friendly alternatives. Whether positive or negative, every […]

Earth Day Dirt Cups

Earth Day is “creeping” and “crawling” up on us… so we thought that we would “dig up” one of our favourite kid-friendly recipes to help celebrate Earth Day! Any guesses as to what snack we’re hinting at? “Wiggle” those noggins a little to see if you can figure it out! Still no guesses? We’re sharing… […]

April Featured Products Blog

Happy April everyone! Now although the official start of Spring was actually a couple of weeks ago, we don’t think it ever truly feels like Spring until the first of April rolls around! Who else agrees?! So now that April is actually HERE, we think that it’s officially time to stop all of the procrastination […]

Conventional Easter Candy vs. Surf Sweets Candies

We are just a mere few days away from that ever so infamous Easter Egg Hunt! Is anyone else secretly just as excited as their kids are?! We simply cannot wait, and have stocked up on our favourite fair trade chocolates and natural candies!! Have you picked out your Easter Candy yet? No? Great! Because […]

Healthy Easter Brunch Alternatives

Who doesn’t love Brunch?! Brunch is quickly becoming the trendiest meal of the day, especially when it comes to the holidays! It’s not uncommon for families nowadays to swap out the more traditional Easter Dinner with a casual, more intimate brunch! And we couldn’t be more on board with it! Because brunch is always a […]

March Break: Host a Healthy Get Together

March Break is officially, officially HERE! Running out of fun, creative food ideas to feed all the kids during their get togthers?! Well we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves… read below to see what they are!! Healthy Kids Snacks – Brit, Team Ambrosia Who says that you can’t play with your food?! It’s […]

Irish Soda Bread Using Almond Flour

St. Patrick’s Day is just a few days away… will you be celebrating? Well, over here at Ambrosia, celebrations are in full swing and one of the ways that we decided to embrace St. Patrick’s Day this year is through foods… we are a Natural FOODS Store after all!!! So today we’re sharing a variation […]

March Featured Products – Stay Healthy During Wedding Prep

Our Social Media Coordinator got engaged! And guess what? Over the course of the next year, she’ll be sharing her tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and well during the stresses of wedding planning and TODAY she is sharing her very first update with all of US! Enjoy! How I’m Prepping for the […]

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Cha’s Organics’ Coconut Milk

Think you know Coconut Milk? Well think again… sure ya might know the better-known basics about the many benefits of opting for coconut milks over dairy-based milks… but what about the nitty gritty specifics? We’re talking what goes into the packaging, how the coconuts are farmed and a closer look into the ingredients lists… just […]

3 Essential Oil Recipes Inspired by LOVE!

Valentine’s Day is in four days! ALERT… Valentine’s Day is in four days!! Freaking out yet? Well stay calm because today we’re talking all about essential oil recipes that are inspired by LOVE – AKA we’re concocting “Love Potions” if you will, so that you can make these on your very own & give them […]